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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Andy - Chinese Birch - 36 Lashes!

In this scene there is no dialogue build up. Just Andy arriving, already knowing what his fate is. 36 lashes from the Chinese Birch!! 
Andy assumes the the position with his hands placed against the wall, Mr X starts the punishment. 12 lashes over his jeans, then another 12 over his underwear and finally 12 on his bare bottom. After the punishment is over Andy is simply told to get dressed and leave......

""You know why you are here"

 "Assume the position"

 "Get those jeans off"!!!


"36 hard lashes"!

More from Mr X......................
Sadly this scene ended up being full of technical issues and it falls way below the standard of production I am trying to achieve here at Straight Lads Spanked.
So let me be honest about everything here.
1. The camera man shooting the rear action decided in his wisdom to hold the camera to the side. This means that in editing I had to rotate the image. When you do this you are left with two black vertical border stripes either side of the main frame. All of the action is there it just has a black border. 
2. There seemed to be some kind of fan whirring in the background!
3. There was a gorgeous K9 in the place where I was filming that can be heard scrambling around in a nearby room in the background!
However it is not all bad!
Here are plenty of good points!
1. The whole sequence was captured on film..
2. Andy took a really hard punishment and his reactions to it are raw and very real!
3. There was a second camera placed just underneath Andy that when I switch to that one (which I do often) you get to see all of the front action and face reactions.
4. There has been some requests for there to be some more, arm, revealing full frontal shots of the models. Well in this scene you get to see every inch of muscular Andy in all of his glory! (trust me, there are quite a few inches to see here)! :P
5. The entire film lasts for just over 11 mins and due to the flaws I am making it available for the lowest price that Clips4Sale will allow me to which is $9.99.

Free Video Preview

This mm spanking video is now available to purchase....

11 minutes


  1. I know how you feel... I can be a perfectionist about my content too... I still think this looks great!

    However, even though this might be hard on young Andy, tell him the video must be reshot... I know it will painful for him, but he'll just have to take it like a man... and then send in the errant cameraman and make him take a set of 36 lashes too... just to teach the guy a lesson! :-)

    1. You really are quite evil! ---- I love your thinking! lol!

      Actually, I just watched this back and it's maybe not as bad as I first thought! Maybe I just worry too much! :)

    2. Hi Mr.X! It is great to see "more" of Andy. I look forward to seeing him over you knee sometime soon. Technical problems aside, the full frontal aspect of this clip make it a must buy.

    3. Cheers Matt! Don't fear! Andy over the knee is already filmed and will be released soon! I actually have a queue of new material to be released right now, but am just doing to gradually. I feel that way, each new video gets it;s own chance to shine for a few days! :)

    4. Oh and as for the full-frontal..... well I had to place the second camera pretty far back to capture Andy's arm... full glory! :)

  2. The black borders on the left and the right sides do not detract from the video at all. In fact, it is a nice contrast to see it switch from full screen to black borders. Not bad at all. I really do enjoy the two cameras and the birds eye view of the action. After seeing Andy perform in Chinese Birch, I was wondering if maybe you would do an interview with Andy similar to the one you did with Bailey. You can ask the same questions of him as they are the reflections of what the viewing public wants to know.

  3. Hey Swatter! That's good to know that you enjoyed it!! In fact, I already sent a private email to you about this video! I think the lesson to learn here is to stop worrying and being over critical on myself! :)

    I'll certainly consider doing an interview with Andy too!


  4. I think Andy looks very good in this clip. Like the way we see his tattoos to start with. I like to see a guy who as them and Andy looks very good with them. Also he as a bum that is right for punishment. I only wish I could make it red and sore for him. Is there any chance of this Mr X please.
    Thank you Mr X for these wonderful clips you let us see.

    1. Hey Armstrong!

      Glad you like the clips and I agree, Andy has the perfect bum for punishment! I'm not quite sure it's generally available for spanking though! :)


      Mr X

  5. Thank you Mr X have sent you email requesting that if Andy does become available please let me know or if any of your other Boys are willing to be spank by me.

    1. Hi again Armstrong!

      I never got your email Did you send it to


  6. Just seen this again and I just love that body of Andy's with those tattoos it just turns me on. How I would love to have him over my knee at some point.

  7. Andy is HOT AND HUNG LIKE A HORSE and like most of the MEN in Straight Lads Spanked IS ONE HELL OF A MAN.

    I would love to submit to him.

  8. Where can I get a chinese birch ? Whacker2


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