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Monday, 27 August 2012

Footballer Jay - Spanked for Fighting - Part One

Jay is an arrogant, angry, beefy, straight young footballer. He seems to lash out with his fists without even thinking......

It has happened once to many times and his Football Coach has decided to teach this moody young man an embarrassing and painful lesson!

Jay works out. He is muscular guy and is a hit with the ladies..

He takes his football very seriously though and if things don't go his way he tends to 'fix' the situation with his fists!

Jay has been sent to see the Mr X (the local, community Spanker) to be taught a hard lesson. Mr X grills Jay about his behaviour and then does the inevitable and drags him over his knee!

Mr X goes to town on Jay's incredible beefy. bubble butt! He spanks it hard! Jay tries to keep calm and but all that stops when Mr X orders Jay to remove his shirt and his football shorts!

Jay ends up getting spanked long and hard. Jay is very vocal and squirms and kicks and protests and yells and is pushed beyond anything he ever thought he could take and is left broken and sore!

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""".........More from Mr X!

You really have to see this! Jay has the most amazing butt I have ever spanked! He has an incredible beefy bubble butt! Jay took a real hard spanking and he is very vocal as the pain hit in! At 20 mins long Jay endured a lot!"""""

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  1. Mr X the video of Jay did not disappoint, I have watched it three times already tooday, I loved the split screen, I loved jays attitude to you which made his spanking even more enjoyable. Where is Jay from? As the way he speaks was a real turn on,Jays bum was so wonderful to see get spanked, As you can Tell I loved this video. Will you yell Jay Any time he come to Wales I will give him a good spanking,I hope he will do more of these films as I will pay good money to see Jay get spanked again. Mr X keep up the great work you are doing, and lastly tell Jay you have the biggest fan in Welshboy.

    1. Hi Welshboy!

      I'm getting the impression you like Welshboy?


      Jay is from East London. I too like his defiant, straightboy attitude!

      I can tell Jay that you are his biggest fan, but how do you think Andy will feel about that?


    2. there will always be a place in my heart for Andy,


  3. While I've only made it about halfway through so far, I don't think Welshboy is alone in having a new favorite! Jay is fantastic! His thick footballer body and beefy bottom look so perfect hoisted over a knee like that, I just love it!

    Not only that, but the man can act! His mannerisms, his swagger and defiant attitude, his refusal to remove his clothes, they all sell the fact that he's a tough guy who does NOT want to be there. But of course, those same mannerisms only make US want to see him punished even harder!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, Jay makes a great addition to your "stable" of straight lads in need of frequent punishment, and here's hoping he'll be a regular addition from here on out. ;]

    Speaking of, are we meant to infer from the 'Part One' to this post that there will be a 'Part Two' sooner or later? :D

  4. Wonderful-- WUN - DER - FUUUUUL!!!! Great Body, Great Ass (very bite-able as well as spank-able ) and thank you thank you.... the socks-- wow-- he looks fantastic in his footy socks. WON DER FUL!!!!! Cant wait for part 2

  5. Very good video, Mr. X, well done. Bailey is still my all-time favorite, but Jay is very impressive. His muscular "fireplug" body, his defiant attitude, his kicking & groaning during his spanking - I like it! In future videos starring Jay, could I ask that you spank him a bit longer on his briefs than you did in this video?

    Speaking of future videos, I would like to second SoupGoblin's question: Are you indeed planning to release sequels to this video - Part Two, Part Three, etc?

  6. Cane him next time.

  7. How comes you picture aren't high quality mr x?

  8. well the pictures are only rough screenshots taken from the movie. They are on this blog to give an indication of the content of the movie...

  9. Oh I thought you can download the pictures as well


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