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Friday, 14 September 2012

Liam - Bath Brush Beating! - Severe Spanking!

Liam has been fighting again!

This time it is worse than ever. He got drunk at a nightclub and threatened another lad with a broken bottle.

The police got involved and delivered Liam back to his distraught Mother in the early hours of the morning.

Liam could well face criminal charges!

His Mother is running out of options on how to control her wayward son. She knows he has a good heart but Liam is being influenced by the wrong crowd... She decides to send him to Mr X, the local spanker to face some punishment. The dreaded bath brush!

Liam turns up to see Mr X still coughing and spluttering from heavily drinking and smoking the previous night. The reality of what he did last night is slowly sinking in...

Liam is resigned to the punishment that awaits him...

The dreaded Bath Brush!

Mr X does not hold back and delivers a very strong, harsh beating that leaves Liam, broken battered and bruised.....

Liam will not be fighting anytime soon!

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Please be aware that this movie contains very real footage of a very harsh spanking that may not be to everyones taste..

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19 mins 

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  1. this is the best film Liam has done so far, the Bath Brush is a real killer, Liam bottom looked like it was on fire by the end, from this film it looks like liam has put on a little muscle, as his body fills out, Mr X I want your job of rubbing the cream on these guys bottoms,I know I will be great at the job and take my time with each bottom I am given. Best wishes Welshboy

    1. Ha! Thanks Welshboy! Liam has really been working out in the gym a lot recently! I told him that it had been noticed and he was well chuffed! :)

      As soon as there is a vacancy for the cream rubbing position I'll send you the application details!

    2. this is fantastic, Liam is so sexy but naughty i would love to spank him

      my dream dvd from you

      bailey spanking liam both naked u come in after n spank bailey and u let liam have a go 2

      do u ever organise spanking parties to meet ur models like londonlads used to

  2. As someone who has some experience of the hairbrush I am in a position to state that this is a fantastic video. Liam does a GREAT job. I don't know what he was paid, but he earned every penny and the video is worth every penny it costs. If you are a fan of hairbrush spanking, you have to see this video!

    1. Hey Tawser! That is a great compliment and I actually copied and pasted and sent your message to Liam and he told me that he is so pleased that people are liking it!

      I can assure you that Liam was suitably rewarded for his heroic performance! It does not get any more real than this one! :)

  3. Bailey's version is still the gold standard for "Bath Brush Beating" videos, but this was still an enjoyable film. You can tell Liam he did a good job. His choice of underwear was much appreciated.

    One minor point, Mr. X. Liam's buttocks were badly bruised at the end of this video - understandably so. However, I noticed that, when his jeans were taken off, the back of Liam's left calf was also badly bruised. How did that happen?

  4. I would have to respectfully disagree with Rasputin on the assessment. Liam is the MAN!!!

  5. Great film and great job don from Liam! Just as a remark I would ask, if this is very harsh spanking what do you call Margustas] spankings then whi to my opinion is the best spanker ever seen on screen?

  6. Hello! It's a good question.. I suppose first and foremost whenever I classify any of my work and the level of the spanking I am only comparing it to the rest of my movies and not spanking movies in general.

    So in this case, comparing this movie to say Liam's Spanked for Fighting movie (Part One) it was certainly very harsh! In fact compared to 99% of my movies this very real beating is very harsh!

    To be honest, I am only vaguely aware of Margustas work. I have maybe seen a couple of his movies. I guess I would call them severe or in some cases quite brutal! But hey! I guess it's all a matter of individual opinion! One persons severe is another persons tickling!

    I'm going to confess something here. The level of punishment administered to this Liam in this movie is way beyond my own personal taste. I'm very proud of the video and I know that there is a load of people who really enjoy seeing a lad getting a good butt blistering (to this day, the Bailey Bath Brush Beating has been my most popular movie so far) so for this reason I am delighted to make them. It is also for that reason I have not seen too much of what Margustas has produced.

    I hope that answers your question?

  7. Love when you rub the cream into the lads bottoms, after their well deserved spanking. Out of interest what was Liams reaction when you told him that wud be part f the scene. Liam is my favourite and I'd like to see a scene where u wash his bottom with salt water before a beating?

    Keep up good work.


    1. Hey Tom!

      Well here is the thing! I pride myself in being so honest and open with all the models I use and always go through each scene in great detail whilst they are deciding to do it or not!

      In this case I simply forgot to tell Liam about the cream....

      But here is some behind the scenes gossip. The cameraman in this movie was actually Bailey! So there was a real sense of competition between them and Liam was in the mindset that if Bailey can do it, so can he!

      So when it came to the cream rubbing, Liam just got on with it! I think he was just relieved to know that once the cream was rubbed in, he could just get dressed and it would finally be over!

  8. The more harsh the better I like it intense no blood no way just good a red Ive seen a few Mugusta films to his good but there are better spankers which ain't very know to people

  9. Lovely. Liam in his socks-as all naughty lads should be - wonderful. Those socked feet kicking and bucking. Thats what we want lol. More more more! Ta Mr X.

    1. so you liked this one then Rugbysock? :)

  10. One minor point, Mr. X. Liam's buttocks were badly bruised at the end of this video - understandably so. However, I noticed that, when his jeans were taken off, the back of Liam's left calf was also badly bruised. His calf, NOT his thigh, was badly bruised. How did that happen?

    1. Hi Rasputin!

      Well spotted!

      Ok, I'm going to give you two answers!

      1. The reason Liam's calf was badly marked was he fell over in the drunken fight that led to his arrest and cut his leg!

      2. Liam actually has a skin condition that flares up from time to time!


  11. Mr. X,

    Is it just me, or has Liam "bulked up" recently? His arms & chest seem a little more muscular than they were in his "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home" video.

  12. Don't you think you were a little hard on Liam ?:)
    I have too notice that Liam has got a little more muscular. I can't believe you only have to be 18 to drink over there

  13. nice hard spanking with the bath brush i have been in that postion but once got it in legs over the head postion or what the amercains call the diaper postion!!! did i howl? you bet i did!!!!


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