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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Consequences of Cheating - Bailey and Karl

 Karl is in trouble ..................BIG trouble! 

This 18 year old swimming champ has been cheating on his girlfriend with some other lads sweetheart..... 

The consequences of Karl's cheating are severe!

Upon finishing swimming practice, young Karl is ambushed outside by the angry boyfriend backed up by two of his mates... Outnumbered, Karl does not stand a chance... 

Luckily for Karl, his swimming coach, Bailey comes to the rescue dives into the brawl.... Terrified Karl runs away leaving Bailey to face up to the angry lads. It's the morning after and Karl is summoned to Coach Bailey's office..... 

We discover that Karl fell over whilst running away and spent most of the night in A&E with a damaged leg which is now in plaster, meanwhile Bailey has a painful, swollen black eye

Karl, with his leg in plaster, can no longer Captain the Swimming Team..........The competition is in a few weeks.... 

............Furious Bailey demands answers!........ 

Nothing Karl says placates Bailey and the promising athlete is told to empty his locker and leave the club.Devastated Karl pleads for a final chance.......... 

Bailey appreciates that he is a fantastic swimmer and would like to salvage the situation..... Bailey is angry though.... Really angry and decides that if Karl is to stay he must pay a price for his actions....
Karl reluctantly agrees... 

..... Karl has no idea how heavy the price is going to be..... 

.....what happens next is extreme punishment dished out in anger by a livid Bailey. 

Hard. relentless hand spanking delivered full force by strong Bailey. Struggling Karl, pinned down, picked up thrown around and shown no mercy...... 

.......and when the hand spanking is over with, Coach Bailey orders Karl over the chair to receive 12 hard swats from the heavy plimsol leaving the lads bottom throbbing and bruised .......

"Hello, is that Karl's Dad?....."

More from Mr X!

 "Warning!!!! This movie is not for the faint hearted! It contains 100% real, hard punishment. This is far from a gentle spanking. If scenes of a young lad being severely punished are not to your taste, this male spanking movie will not be for you.. 

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19 minutes

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  1. LOVE IT! Love the way Bailey lifts the spankees up to soundly spank them. Wonderful-- a spankee's dream come true.

    1. It takes a strong arm to be able to do that! :)

    2. Agreed Rugbysock! Young Karl is so cute I would love to have that boi over my knee in and out of PE kit to hand-spank him as soundly as Bailey did and then give him a leathering with the belt!

      Karl, if you are reading this, please e-mail me at to arrange a time and date to report to me in my study in Kent, you nortie boi! xxxxxx (six of the best)!

  2. This is so hot it burns your eyes. I bet Karl couldn't sit down for a week after that, Bailey is a wild, ferocious, animal (Great)So convincing

    The cast and the black eye look really authentic, I noted Bailey had a black eye in the Builders Fighting story, is there something you are not telling us Mr. X?

    I discovered your studio two weeks ago, and I can't stay away

    1. Hey Blister! Welcome to Straight Lads Spanked! Really glad you enjoyed the movie!

      erm, all I really can say is that the both the black eye and the cast were authentic!


    2. those kids an there broke foot and black eye. i really did think that both were fake.

  3. I agree Blister. Its hard to keep away from this site, lol. Yea I wonder where the black eye came from? Whats been going on, lol?

    Blister, you said this is so convincing-- I think cause it maybe is in some way - and acted out so well. It is maybe 75% real as its hard to fake a sound bareass spanking. If a hand is smacking your ass hard, its hard to fake the sound and legs kicking. Hehe. Great fun one way or another. Keep up the good work lads, and Mr x.

    1. Well as for it being real let me tell you this...

      Every single bit of action you saw on this film was exactly as it happened. no sound effects, no make up, no fake spanking. Every hit is real, every slapping sound is exactly as it sounded as it was delivered by Coach Bailey with his strong hand against Karl's bottom!

      It was recorded on camera, edited to size and put out for you to enjoy... As simple as that! :)

      Really glad you are enjoying it all Rugbysock!

  4. really Great....but I still cant wait to see Bailey spank Liam kike that


  5. My comment seems to have been deleted so here I go again ...

    Oh Mr X - Whoa! Mr X

    I bought this in eager anticipation of the Bailey/Karl follow-up but I can't tell you that I love it.

    I really hate criticising because I love your work but the spanking pace is just TOO fast.

    For me, the pace in 'Apprentice', 'Office Junior' and 'Caught Spying' was just right.

    Still, as we all know, "you can't please all of the people, all of the time"

    I WILL say "Cheers" for the slow-motion portion and I DID love the bit where Karl tries to keep his pants up (in vain!)

    Also, top marks for severity.

    Despite my little moan here, I still think you and the guys do a fantastic job.

    All the Best.


    1. HI Jaded!

      Just to let you know, your comment wasn't deleted. You posted it on the thread below, the 'Coming Soon' thread. It's still there along with my response. (Click on the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of the page and you'll find it.)


      Anyway, here is my response again in case it looks like I was ignoring your post...

      """Hey Jaded!

      I don't mind your comments at all. I appreciate feedback.

      Yes, there is no doubt that the spanking pace in this move is fast and furious! Certainly different than most of my other clips. I did try and get this across in the description that Coach Bailey was not just punishing but he was also, lashing out in fury and in some ways revenge.

      Don't worry, there wont be many clips like this! In fact, in many ways I feel this will be a one off! (I'm not sure I have any other model that could actually take what Bailey dished out!

      Anyway, brand new clip just released with a spanking pace that is more back to standard! It's in the store now and is called Spanked Boxers - Karl & Liam """

    2. I actually LOVE clips like and furious. I believe thats how a GOOD REAL punishment spanking should be! If its too slow, the boy gets used to it, and builds up to the pain and doesnt react or feel it as much. Id love to see LOTS more like this! I plan on ordering the full clip as soon as I get paid next week!

  6. Wow- just purchased and watched the full video. Karl takes one helluva spanking. Real anger from Bailey as he picks up the lad into the air and soundly and swiftly spanks him hard. Bailey works up a sweat spanking Karl, while Karl is fighting back the tears. I LOVE IT. Well done all, esp Karl for taking it. And... Bailey.... you are bold...oh that temper.. but I love it.

    1. Hey Rugby!

      Really glad you enjoyed it! I must admit, every time I see what Bailey dished out to Karl I say Wow! as well!


  7. Maybe another bath brush beating for Bailey for losing his temper with Karl? He he.

  8. What a great clip. Strong Bailey and sweet Karl do their very best to create a real 'spanking atmosphere'. In fact they could be (young) father and son. That's what I like!

    Blackfield II

    1. THanks Blackfield II! It truly was a real spanking! :)

  9. Just discovered your site myself and plan to purchase at least one video tonite- with Karl. What a perfect spanking boy he is!Would u mind if i post one of your trailers on a spanking site to which i belong called "South Spanking". I believe you'd get quite a bit of business so doing. I think Karl is quite a cute puppy but might be more so if you let him grow his hair out a bit? In any case, magnificent site and pls try to find more boys like Karl. I know all the boys there r into that lovely British vice. Oh, to be a master at Eaton during it's heyday! Karl looks so grand in that speedo-maybe u could keep him mostly scantily clad in next work. I am also a filmmaker and have made a film fairly well known for a spanking scene(which was REAL, 8 takes) called THE TOILERS AND THE WAYFARERS.i'D BE HAPPY to send u a DVD if you'd like.Cheers an so glad i found u, KJF

  10. Hey Keith! Thanks for the kind comments! SO glad you like my site. I'd be interested to hear if you do get round to buying any of my videos what you think. I'm very much aware of the spanking scene on THe Toilers and Wayfarers! Great work!

    As for posting my trailers on South Spanking, I'm happy for you to post anything that is on the blog as long as you link back to it. Maybe you could also send me a link to South Spanking too?


    Mr X

  11. Wow - what a dream! Would love to get spanked like this by Mr Bailey. He reminds me of a PE teacher I had a school.

  12. This is a really great spanking movie - Bailey has to be one of the sexiest and most effective spankers ever! - wow he gives the boy a good hard whacking - great action! Karl plays his part too and takes it well like a decent sub should:)...more of Bailey as a spanking top please:) maybe Tommy or Jack would be good victims....great movie Mr X


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