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Friday, 20 July 2012

Builders - Fighting at Work (Andy & Bailey)

The builders are back!
Like you have never seen them before!!!!

Andy & Bailey, long time best friends have fallen out! Andy has taken Bailey's tools and Bailey has been caught sending sms phone messages to Andy's girlfriend!

They ended up brawling at work! The client walked in and found the beefy lads punching each other and as a result cancelled the building contract!

The builders boss, Mr Smith has decided to send them to see Mr X to be punished.........
Andy & Bailey - In Trouble Again

Get Over My Knee!

"Please, don't do this"!

Spanked Hard!

Over The Knee for Bailey

Those boxers are coming down Andy!

The hard spanking continues on the floor1

Bailey Struggling & Kicking!

Bailey Spanking Andy!

Sorry Lads!

Andy Really Spanks Bailey Hard!

This brand new mm spanking movie features Andy and Bailey getting hard over the knee hand spankings from Mr X. The spankings are delivered hard and fast and both lads really struggle to take them...
............Mr X decides that if Andy and Bailey are so keen on hitting each other, they can do it properly! Mr X orders Bailey to spank Andy! Bailey really vents all his anger and frustration and spanks his buddy hard!
Big Mistake!
Bailey never thought that the tables would be turned and that he would then have to submit to going over his best mates knee......
...more from Mr X!
I wanted to go back to the beginning and have the builders back with Mr X. It was a joy to be able to film these guys with my new cameras. Having the added twist of these guys spanking each other was a last minute idea. The spankings were hard and real. We finally get Andy and Bailey spanking each other!

Preview Video

The full 23 minute mm spank movie is now available to purchase..

23 minutes


  1. This is way beyond AWESOME... Spanking action brought to a whole new level!...
    Andy, Bailey: NOBODY has EVER come close to such raw/exciting/hot spanking performance... What a power workout, I guess you could've skipped the gym that day !?... You two are the Champs!... hands-down (hard!) :-)))

  2. Great work. really enjoyed it. Andy swears alot, i dont mind but think he should be punished for it. I think he needs a stroke of the cane per swear word said.

  3. I think I like this one the most.

  4. Your two biggest, brawniest models being spanked like little boys, and then spanking each other - this is tasty fare indeed, Mr. X! The spanking on the seats of their trousers went on a little bit too long (i.e., the spanking on their underwear and bare butts could have been longer), and the lads' underwear could have been a bit tighter, skimpier and lighter in color, but those are the only nits I have to pick with this video.

    I believe this is the first time that we have seen Andy being spanked really hard. The way that he bellowed like a bull while being spanked was a nice touch. Bailey, who has been spanked this hard before, was his usual excellent self, and he bellowed pretty well too.

    I also liked the way these two guys resisted you during their spanking - made the video more realistic. Andy's resistance to being spanked bare-assed, and then pulling his own underpants down just in the nick of time to avoid being sacked, and allowing you to continue spanking him, was another nice touch.

    These two guys complement each other nicely. Andy looks a hair taller than Bailey, and is more heavily-built. (Or is Andy's wife just a little too good of a cook? - LOL) Bailey, on the other hand, is more handsome, has a more impressive physique, and has fewer and less distracting tattoos than his good mate Andy. Both guys gave and received good whackings.

    I'm curious, Mr. X. I noticed you spanked Bailey a bit longer than you did Andy. If that was a deliberate decision on your part, why? Or was that just a coincidence?

    I enjoyed myself immensely. Well done, Mr. X!

  5. The video was just great,I loved it. Both Bailey and Andy are just wonderful to look at. Mr X could you tell Andy that my hand is so ready to spank his sexy bum for all the swearing he did in that video Ha Ha. Thank you again. Welshboy.

  6. All the other comments pretty much say it all. These two guys are amazing. Seeing them spanked OTK is as hot as it gets. But it's particularly great seeing them spank each other. The end works so well because both guys are so serious about it. If they were just kidding around it wouldn't be nearly as hot. For some reason, Andy is my favorite spankee and Bailey is my favorite spanker. So (clearly) this clip has made me a happy customer!
    Congrats to all. Especially Andy.

    1. You are right Matt-- but for me- Bailey is my favourte spankee. With an ass like his-- who could resist spanking it? Wonderful!

    2. I'm afraid I must agree with Rugbysock, Matt. Bailey is my favourite spankee, with Andy a close second. But I agree with you on one point - watching these two strapping lads spank each other was hot!

  7. That's a lot of spanking!

    I have to say it again, Mr. X: you are the luckiest man on Earth. To spank both of those sexy bottoms yourself and then be in the room when two of the hottest guys on the internet spank each other...well, I can't think of any better position to be in. How did you do it?

    I adore that Andy has to constantly suppress having a laugh. He is a delightfully silly, and I find silly masculine guys most attractive. I'm not fond of giving oral sex but I've had recurrent fantasies of sucking his cock--with my hands firmly attached to his backside, of course, kneading his lovely buttocks (and those alluring curls of hair in his crack)--whenever he is on screen.

    Bailey is exquisite as always. Visions of ass (and the mole) fill my waking (and sleeping) hours.

  8. Oh wow! After watching this and watching the interview with Andy... Bailey has a run for his money! lol. :) Andy is just too adorable! He seems like a really fun and funny guy. These two together- gold!

    And as much as I love both of their yummy asses getting spanked... them as tops... heaven! There are plenty of younger, smaller boys for them to top I am sure... :)

    wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  9. Can I just also add how much I really enjoy your focus on the things that matter when you scold and lecture. Their friendship for example. I really love good scolding, and I think you do a really superb job. And both of them feel very real in both their shame at their behavior and also desire to not be spanked! Bailey's face when you scold is beyond priceless. And Andy just seems aggressively real if that makes sense.

    Again, great job. :)


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