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Sunday, 13 May 2012

School Janitor Gets Caned (Andy)

 Despite Mr X's best efforts, Andy the builder lost his job. After getting laid off by old Mr Smith has got himself a new job as a Janitor in the local school 

He is busy fixing a chair in the headmasters study when he spies a decanter of brandy on the desk.

 Andy decides to have a sneaky drink

but is caught red handed by furious headmaster Dr Barton!

Threatened with dismissal Andy pleads for Dr Barton to show some mercy and come to some compromise. 

 The headmaster gives Andy the option to get punished in the same way that a lad at the school would be dealt with if guilty of the same offence. 

Andy is told to discard his tool belt and get in position over the chair. 

 Dr Barton does not hold back and soon has this muscled janitor yelling in agony as he gets lashed with the cane. This is truly an ordeal for Andy as properly struggles to tale the strokes even over his heavy work trousers.
 When he is instructed to drop his trousers Andy is not sure that he can take any more. Dr Barton offers no compromise though and the caning continues over Andy's boxers

and finally his bare bottom! 

There is no way Andy will be helping himself to again!

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8 minutes

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